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New Zealand (2009)

Storm Surfers New Zealand includes X

Big wave pioneer Ross Clake-Jones and two time world Champion Tom Carroll are Aussie surfing legends who have spent the last few years scouring the ends of the earth to ride the biggest, most dangerous waves they can find.

Now they’re taking the search to New Zealand and the freezing temperatures rugged terrain and inhospitable conditions of remote Fiordland. Come along for the ride as they put themselves  against everything Mother Nature can throw at them.

Hunting waves the size of a 4-storey building involves strategy, timing, preparation and tracking the largest oceanic storms in the world. That’s where meteorologist and surf forecaster Ben Matson comes in. Using the latest storm predictions technology, he helps Ross and Tom track swells and time their arrival to a matter of hours in a mad, high-stakes race again time and the elements.