Cast & Crew

Tom Carroll

Two-time world surfing champion (1984 and 85) Tom Carroll was the poster-boy of surfing in the 1980s. He risked his third championship by boycotting the South Africa leg of the world tour in protest against Apartheid – elevating him from star athlete to Australian hero. But it was his mastery of the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii, winning the Pipeline Masters three times, that secured his name in the record books as one of the greatest surfers of all time.

Ross Clarke-Jones

Ross Clarke-Jones was less lucky on the tour circuit, but came into his own on big waves. Ross was one of the first to use the jetski to pioneer the sport of tow-surfing. His ambition and ability to surf big waves saw him become the first non-Hawaiian to win the prestigious Eddie Aikau Memorial at Waimea Bay in 2001.

Ben Matson

As a world-leading meteorologist and surf forecaster, it’s Ben Matson’s job to ensure that Ross and Tom are in the right place at the right time to find the biggest waves and the most favourable wind conditions. With his day job as owner and operator of the internet surf-forecasting website Swellnet, each STORM SURFERS mission hangs on Ben’s predictions.

Co-Directors Justin McMillan and Chris Nelius

Chris and Justin devised the concept for Storm Surfers way back in 2008 when one of their first adventures with Ross and Tom – Storm Surfers : Dangerous Banks – appeared on Discovery Channel in Australia and across Asia, followed by Storm Surfers – New Zealand in 2010. Both documentaries have gone on to screen in more than 100 countries worldwide and garnered more than 1 million video views online.

Producers Marcus Gillezeau and Ellenor Cox

Ellenor Cox and Marcus Gillezeau are International Digital Emmy® Award winning producers whose company Firelight Productions has delivered international prime-time drama and factual television for major networks around the world. Storm Surfers 3D is their first feature film.

6ixty Foot Films

6ixty Foot Films is the lovechild of Ross Clarke-Jones, Chris Nelius and Justin McMillan. Since 2006 Ross, Chris and Justin have been on a mission to create ground-breaking adventure documentaries set in the world of big wave surfing. In 2008, producers Marcus Gillezeau and Ellenor Cox joined the team and together helped bring about Storm Surfers: Dangerous Banks, Storm Surfers: New Zealand and now Storm Surfers 3D.