TC – Tom Carroll

World Champion. Pipeline Master. Creator of the ‘snap heard around the world’ and surfing’s first millionaire. Before Slater and Fanning, there was Carroll.

TC Available nowIn this explosive autobiography, worldwide sporting sensation and big-wave icon Tom Carroll shares the true story behind the heady days of international surf stardom.

Co-written with his brother, acclaimed journalist Nick Carroll, TC reveals the untold story of the life of Tom Carroll – surfer, father, businessman, celebrity and addict.

From rookie grommet on the beaches of 1970s Australia to taking out world titles and breaking records with their acclaimed Storm Surfers series, TC journeys from the soaring heights of international success, money and fame, to the depths of despair.

Breaking their silence about life on and off the pro circuit, Tom and Nick reveal for the first time the drug addiction, rehab and earth-shattering losses of their mother and sister that were threatening everything behind the public facade.

An incredible account of big waves and fearlessness, TC is written with an authenticity and grace that forms an unlikely moral education: of brotherhood, humility, family, damage, glory and surrender.

Perfectly capturing the feeling of water moving under a surfboard, and the healing nature of the ocean, TC speaks to the battle to survive that rages both in the surf and in our minds, and the power of second chances.

Published by Ebury Australia
RRP $34.95


Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll

TOM CARROLL is a surfing legend. He grew up in the surf at Newport Beach on Sydney’s north side, began riding a surfboard at the age of nine, and went on to dominate the sport worldwide in the 1980s, winning two world professional crowns and three Pipeline Masters titles, before becoming involved in the surf business through a longtime association with global surf wear company Quiksilver. For many years he has been regarded as a ‘surfer’s surfer’, as committed as they come to challenging himself in wild seas; recently he starred in the highly successful big surf documentary Storm Surfers 3D. Tom lives in Sydney and has three daughters, Jenna, Mimi and Grace.


Nick Carroll

Co-Writer – Nick Carroll



NICK CARROLL is the world’s best known surf writer. He grew up surfing with his little brother, Tom, on Sydney’s north side, won two Australian surfing titles, then turned to journalism, editing Australia’s Tracks magazine and spending several years in California as editor-in-chief of Western Empire, publishers of the internationally distributed Surfing Magazine. More recently he has turned his hand to television, co-writing the ABC popular culture documentaries Bombora and Wide Open Road. Nick lives in Sydney with his wife, Wendy, and two children, Madeleine and Jack.