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The highly successful previous films of STORM SURFERS have screened in more than 100 countries and been viewed across multiple platforms, with 1.8 million video views online, and has generated a massive fan base.The 3D movie (premiering in Australia on 14th August, 2012) will be supported by a far-reaching multiplatform campaign, which will include a webisode series, social media, competitions, an eBook and game for iOS and Android mobile devices and soundtrack of the feature film, to be released on iTunes.

Seeing the level of audience engagement with the website for the 2006 film, Red Bull: Tai Fu, which had a ‘Storm Watch – ready, set, GO!’ function, the Storm Surfers production team decided to maintain a strong online presence, setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts, launching a YouTube channel and placing short-form video content on Vimeo, Blip and other online media players. Together with a rich-media website, the Storm Surfers all-media presence allowed the team to build a global audience for their adventure-documentary brand.