R.I.P Sonny Miller – One of the original Californian dreamers

SONNY MILLER, 1960-2014

RIP SONNY-MILLERSonny Miller, passed away Tuesday after suffering a heart attack. He was 54.

Sonny was a staple of the surfer magazine shows of the late 80’s that sparked a passion for surfing that led him shooting some of the coolest surf films ever made including Searching for Tom Curren, Feral Kingdom, The Search, Lords of Dogtown and Tripping the Planet.

Later in his career Sonny even jumped into some big hollywood productions including work on Die Another Day (2002), The Big Bounce (2004), Blue Crush ( ) and Riding Giants (2004).

Of course we’ll always keep looking back at the carefree surfing worlds he captured, and for that he was a master.

R.I.P Sonny. Keep smiling.



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