Before Storm Surfers there was Wayne Lynch

When we toured Storm Surfers 3D around Australia last year and had Ross and Tom at screenings for a Q&A afterwards, many in the film industry said that this idea was so ‘old fashioned that it was retro…’

Looks like another surf legend is up to the same tricks! Uncharted Waters: The Personal History of Wayne Lynch is a new doco about surfing legend Wayne Lynch and as of next week Wayne will be on the road promoting the film at one night only screenings around Australia.

We’ve seen the film and love it and think you will too but have to disagree with Surfer Magazine’s review of the film though…

“And now, Wayne Lynch you’re my favorite surfer of all time. Sorry Tom.” Surfer Magazine

We still think Tom and Ross are the two greatest big wave chargers ever!

Check out the Uncharted Waters website where you can watch the trailer and buy tickets for the film.


Wayne Lynch Uncharted