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6ixty Foot Films has released the soundtrack to the groundbreaking 3D surf adventure movie Storm Surfers 3D . Currently screening in limited general release, the Storm Surfers score was composed by award winning Michael Yezerski and Richard Tognetti (Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra). watch the music

Storm Surfers 3D follows two-time world surf champion Tom Carroll and big wave pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones, as they enlist the help of surf-forecaster Ben Matson to track, chase and ultimately ride, the biggest and most dangerous waves around Australia.

Storm Surfers combines Tognetti’s soaring violin with Yezerski’s innovative production to create a vast musical landscape as fluid and energetic as the waves themselves. Tognetti says the dramatic use of the electric violin, drawing on elements of rock music, was used to match the intensity of the waves and each surfing sequence.


“What we were trying to create was the drama and the vast, overwhelming landscape of the open ocean swell,” says Tognetti.


The score encompasses the Storm Surfers story, cleverly combining the enticing, yet chaotic and intense score with sound bites including Carroll’s infectious, fun-loving laugh – further adding to the uniqueness of this soundtrack.

Yezerski and Tognetti (a passionate surfer) first worked together on an earlier Storm Surfers project (Cape of Storms in 2005). The critically acclaimed duo have once again combined their musical genius, creating an epic score to match the highs and lows of the monster waves Carroll and Clarke-Jones are chasing.

An internationally renowned violinist, conductor and composer, Tognetti’s film credits include Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and The Red Tree inspired by Shaun Tan’s book.

Michael Yezerski is well known for his concert stage and film collaborations including The Black Balloon, The Waiting City and Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing, which earned him the Award for Best Original Score at the 2011 APRA Screen Music Awards.


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