An experience you won’t quickly forget – Review

Chuck Ross reviews Storm Surfers 3D for TV Week

The Must-See Movie of the Summer — and You’ve Gotta See It in a Theater, Because It’s Got the Best Use of 3-D We’ve Ever Seen (Sorry, Mr. Cameron). But It’s Really Tough to Find in Your Neighborhood Theater. How You Can Help.

ss13_presskit_thumb_8472I just saw a most wonderful, upbeat summer movie about approaching the early-autumn of our years, a must-see buddy movie that, upon initial viewing, I thought was a spectacular all-wet extravaganza. Having seen it again a day later, I’ll borrow some Australian rhyming slang as this septic tank says you have to have a good Captain Cook at two china plates with lots of comic cuts and Niagara Falls. (Translation: This Yank says you have to have a good look at two (Aussie) mates with lots of guts and balls.)

Here’s the premise of the movie. For four months, two aging, world-class Australian surfers — who are also best friends — search out waves off the coast of Australia that have never been surfed. Monster waves. Like up to 45 feet tall. And you usually only get these giant waves during the winter storm months, which down-under is May through August.

The movie is called “Storm Surfers 3D,” and it’s got the most spectacular use of 3D I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of movies in 3D, everything from “Avatar” to “How to Train Your Dragon,” from “Coraline” to “House of Wax” to a bunch of IMAX science and nature movies.

What is so special and spectacular about the 3D in “Storm Surfers,” is that, first of all, it’s nature-made, and in the service of a documentary. The film-makers used 26 3D cameras, and, like James Cameron and his team did on “Avatar,” a lot of the cameras and rigs had to be specially invented for this picture.

Thus you feel that you’re standing next to these guys, dropping down off a monstrous 30-foot wall of water, or enveloped in a curl’s tunnel. You feel you’ve got to hold your breath as you wipe out and are flailing head-over-heels, underwater, as tons of water pound you relentlessly.

In other words, it’s the most stunning, immersive 3D I’ve ever seen. It’s dazzling and almost exhausting. After each screening I’d almost swear my hair was not only wet, but had that most agreeable scent of salt water.

But this movie is far more than just two guys — and you — surfing monster waves, a most impressive feat in itself.

Like one of my favorite movies that I saw last year, the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man,” “Storm Surfers” tells a terrific story.

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