Australian pro surfers hunt for bigger and better waves – Interview

Take Two interview Tom and Ross for 89.3 KPCC

ss3d_gallery-wa-turtle-2011-8160.jpgOld surfers never die, they just keep putting themselves in potentially lethal situations. That’s the moral of a new documentary called “Storm Surfers.” The film follows Ross Clarke Jones and Tom Carroll, two Australian pro surfers who continue a pilgrimage for the perfect wave even as they approach middle age.

The pair joined Take Two to talk about what motivates them to put their lives on the line, why they chase bigger surf and how growing older has changed how they view the sport.

Interview Highlights: 

Tom on the title, “Storm Surfers 3D”:
“First of all, we’ve got to find the storm, get ourselves right in the middle of it. We’re looking for storms out to sea. In “Storm Surfers 3D,” we’re using our weatherman, Ben Matson, he taps into where the storms are, we figure out how the swells are going to effect a certain reef, and we’re trying to hit those specific points of interest where the waves are going to break the biggest. Sometimes, a storm hits us, that’s the exciting part of it.”

Ross on the constant search for bigger waves:
“Maybe my body will cave in before that desire to do so. I’m not sure. It’s an insatiable need for more and for speed, faster, bigger. Tom and I have been doing this for 25 years. It might come naturally and just wind down.”

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