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Last Tuesday night I got barreled at Shipstern’s Bluff. Tom Carroll towed me into a massive lump of energy, I airdropped down the infamous step, faltered for a second, regained my balance with arms spread wide – then blistered through the gaping space of a barrel, arriving safely onto the shoulder. Tom also towed me into Teahupoo, Ours, Cows Reef, and a bunch of other giant waves within an hour and a half. It was a big night.

The fruits of 3D photography are finally beginning to take shape in the world of surfing, and despite the cheesy marketing mélange attached to Storm Surfers 3D with Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones, the immersive experience inherent to 3D movies is undeniable when done correctly. A few weeks prior, I sat in the studios at RealD, one of the pioneering entertainment firms responsible for the three dimensional photography in Avatar, Life of Pi, and a number of blockbusters, and they explained it to me like this:

With 3D, we want to provide filmmakers a powerful tool to amplify the affect of their stories on the audience. Think of it like color versus black and white. When we have buy-in from directors on how do deploy 3D and incorporate it into the story, very few cinematic experiences compare.

I’m paraphrasing, but I thought the point was interesting. Prior, I had always considered 3D the ultimate gimmick. Short on value. Big on hype. But, honestly, I never thought I’d visit the inside of a barrel at Shipstern’s. Just wasn’t in the cards for me. Storm Surfers got me (and how ever many million see this film) up in there. That’s worth the price of admission.

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