Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke Jones Talk Storm Surfers 3D – Interview

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Tom Carroll and Ross Clark-Jones discuss their innovative documentary Storm Surfers 3D, arriving in Los Angeles and other regional theaters July 19th

If you follow professional surfing, you’re likely well aware of Tom Carroll and Ross Clark-Jones. Tom Carroll was a two-time world champion in 1984 and 1985, and Ross Clark-Jones is considered one of the greatest Australian big wave surfers, becoming the first non-Hawaiian to win the Quicksilver competition in 2001. Armed with a bevy of groundbreaking miniature 3D cameras, they have joined forces with surf forecaster Ben Matson and innovative directors Christopher Nelius and Justin McMillan for some of the most amazing surfing footage ever seen in Storm Surfers 3D. I recently had the chance to speak with Tom Carroll and Ross Clark-Jones over the phone about this new film, currently available on VOD and opening in Los Angeles and select regional markets on July 19. Here’s what they had to say.

I watched this the other night and I really enjoyed it. I know you both had made surfing movies before, but was there something that drew you to shooting this in 3D, especially with these innovative cameras?

Ross Clark-Jones: Yeah, it was very different, just the process of filming and so on. But I think it was all worth it. You get to be as close to riding the surfboard with us, and that’s something really exciting. We’ve seen self-held cameras before for many years, but nothing quite like this. It really felt like you’re on the surfboard with us.

With the 3D element, were they still as light as the cameras you used before, with the self-held and the cameras on the boards?

Tom Carroll: Yeah, it’s tricky holding it though, especially with a dumpy big wave like Turtle Dove. That was really tricky, but shooting with a 3D Go-Pro is about as light a camera as we’ll get for 3D. Holding your arm behind you with a big wave, it creates a disruption in your center of gravity. That was tricky and that was one of the big challenges for me. It was a whole other level, using 3D.

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