The waves and thrills just keep coming – Review

Amy Nicholson reviews Storm Surfers 3D for LA Times 


The waves — and thrills — just keep coming in this rah-rah documentary about Australian surfing buddies Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones.

Tanned, leathery and as ripped as a pair of old jeans, Australian surfing buddies Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones could pass for cast members of “The Expendables.” But instead of firing machine gun blanks at extras, they’re up to something more dangerous: cresting the largest waves on Earth, some reached by nearly a 50-mile helicopter ride into the sea. Funded by Redbull — as is part of “Storm Surfers 3D” itself — the cartoonishly chipper best bros hunt monster thrills using everything from weather sonar to old Dutch sailing maps. Success means skimming through a 30-foot-tall surge. Failure means three stories of water crashing on your head. Bummer, dude.

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Tom & Ross arrive in LA for Premiere


See Storm Surfers in LA – Limited Screenings

The acclaimed documentary film Storm Surfers 3D finally arrives to Los Angeles for a premiere on Friday, July 19th, 2013 at the Chinese 6. Additionally, the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica will be hosting screenings on Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21th.

Meet Tom and Ross – One night Only




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CA, Santa Monica Aero Theatre 20 July, 7:30pm
American Cinematheque

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