Storm Surfers 3D a sensory splash! – Review

Peter Howell reviews Storm Surfers 3D for thestar.com

Documentary about champion Australian wave surfers. Directed by Christopher Nelius and Justin McMillan. 95 minutes. At TIFF Bell Lightbox, Empire Whitby and Square One Mississauga theatres. G
Storm Surfers 3D sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon, and its two protagonists certainly are animated figures.
But it’s as real as a blast of saltwater to the face, and the film’s moments of human self-doubt are as fascinating as the superhuman antics on view.
Two-time world surfing champion Tom Carroll and his bestie Ross Clarke-Jones live to ride giant waves — the bigger, the better, and danger is part of the adrenalin jolt.
Now pushing 50, the Aussie pair have been challenging Mother Nature together since they were teens in the 1980s, setting records and dropping jaws with their extreme aquatic acts.
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“They’ve lost a few lives,” an admiring fellow surfer says, comparing Carroll and Clarke-Jones to a cat’s legendary nine lives.
“If they started with nine, they’re down to one or two each, mate.”
No wave is too big or risky for them to attempt, as this exhilarating doc by Christopher Nelius and Justin McMillan amply demonstrates.

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