Unequivocal technical tour de force – Review

Liam Lacey reviews Storm Surfers 3D for The Globe and Mail

A bit thin on plot, but an unequivocal technical tour de force, Storm Surfers 3D follows two middle-aged Australian buddies, former world surfing champ Tom Carroll and big-wave pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones over the course of a winter as they ride the big waves of the Southern Hemisphere.

With miniature 3-D cameras set up on the surfers’ bodies, boards and jet-skis, this extreme sport documentary offers a rare chance for the average landlubber to experience the thrill of riding inside the curl of a massive wave while staying dry.

This is the third film in the Storm Surfers series from co-directors Christopher Nelius and Justin McMillan, which have been shown on Discovery Channel (Asia) as well as theatrically in many countries.

The expeditions – involving charter boats, helicopters, a support crew and a “surf forecaster” – are assembled to create the movies.

The current film consists of a series of missions for big waves, near Tasmania, off the southern coast of Australia, and in the electrifying climactic sequence, at the previously unsurfed Turtle Dove Shoal, at the edge of the Indian Ocean.

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