Surf’s up in the swell doc ‘Storm Surfers 3-D’ – Review

Lou Lumenick reviews Storm Surfers 3D for New York Post

Digital 3-D, which has been used to commit any number of aesthetic crimes as it’s grown in popularity over the past decade, is put to pretty much ideal use in Justin McMillan and Chris Nelius’ eye-popping documentary.

They spent three months during the Southern Hemisphere winter of 2011 following legendary Aussie surfers Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll around with a crew of 25 people deploying 2,200 pounds of equipment, including specially designed miniature 3-D cameras attached to surfers.

While the longtime pals — both dads of young children — are engaging as they debate just how much risk they’re going to take on as they’re pushing 50, what makes “Storm Surfers 3-D” mesmerizing is jaw-dropping footage shot inside brute waves that’s unlike any I’ve ever seen before.

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