Premieres in Hawaii

HONOLULU —A nearly 30-year friendship between legendary surfers Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones has come full circle with the release of the new film, “Storm Surfers 3D.”

Co-directed by Justin McMillan and Chris Nelius, the movie is the first surf flick filmed almost entirely in three-dimensional technology. Viewers get to experience what it’s like to cascade down a 20-foot wave in the open ocean off Western Australia, or ride inside massive tubes in Tasmania. Almost all of the footage was shot during the 2011 Southern Hemisphere winter, from May to August.

“We actually take the audience on the ride with us while we’re holding a 3-D camera,” said Clarke-Jones. “You’re actually like a seagull or something flying behind us, (and) it’s quite an incredible vision.”

“People who have seen it say, ‘We don’t surf, but we felt like we surfed,’” Carroll added.

It’s fitting that Carroll and Clarke-Jones chose Hawaii for the film’s U.S. debut. The two Australians forged their close bond while riding massive swells on Oahu’s North Shore during the mid-80s, a time when big-wave surfing was just starting to gain international momentum before exploding in the early 90s.

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