2013 Australian Surfing Awards – Best Surf Film Win

Nominated for Nikon Surf Movie of the Year, the Storm Surfers team were excited to be part of a room that was jam packed of surfing legends spanning 50+ years. Surfing Australia were celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary following its formation in 1963 as the Australian Surfriders Association and it was a special evening for all involved.


Joel Parkinson, who took home his first ASP World Tour title in 2012, was named male surfer of the year. With five-time champion Stephanie Gilmore named female surfer of the year and also inducted into Surfing Australia’s hall of fame.


To mark its 50th anniversary Surfing Australia were spoilt for choice in their campaign to find Australia’s 10 Most Influential Surfers 1963-2013. With Storm Surfer Tom Carroll listed at No. 6. The 10, in order of votes received, was: Mark Richards, Simon Anderson, Nat Young, Michael Peterson, Midget Farrelly, Tom Carroll, Layne Beachley, Wayne Bartholomew, Mark Occhilupo and Bob McTavish.

There was cheers and laughter as clips from Storm Surfers filled the screens around the room as the nominees were presented. It was safe to say that many in attendance have seen and enjoyed the exploits of Tom, Ross and Ben. So the team was thrilled when Storm Surfers 3D was announced winner of the 2013 AUSTRALIAN SURFING AWARDS – Nikon Surf Movie of the Year.

Of course, interest in the movie spiked again, when Stephanie Gilmore declared that Ross Clarke-Jones had become her favourite surfer after describing a scene from the film in where Ross’ explains his odd relationship with Big Wave Wipeouts!

Storm Surfers 3D is now available on 3D Bluray and DVD


Australian Surfing Hall of Fame Inductee: Stephanie Gilmore
Australia’s Most Influential Surfer 1963-2013: Mark Richards
Male Surfer of the Year: Joel Parkinson
Female Surfer of the Year: Stephanie Gilmore
Rising Star: Jack Freestone
Waterman of the Year: Jamie Mitchell
ASB Surfing Spirit Award: Misfit Aid
Peter Troy Lifestyle Award: Bob Smith
Surf Culture Award: The Reef – Australian Chamber Orchestra and Tura New Music Simon Anderson Club Award: Kirra Surfriders Club
** Nikon Surf Movie of the Year: Storm Surfers 3D **
Nikon Surf Photo of the Year: Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson

For more information on the event check out – Surfing Australia Website