Storm Surfers Episode 3

The Storm Surfers team receive breaking news from Ben and Ross’ old friends alerting them a giant swell readying to hit Forresters Beach at Terrigal in NSW. This is Ross’ home town, and so the teams arrival is treated as the return of a hero. A crowd gathers along the beach to watch as Tom and Ross surf the swell that launched the latters surfing career. The guys are using old school 10ft boards called ‘guns’ to paddle into the 12ft waves, just like in the old days. But soon, tradition gives way to adrenaline, and the guys are back on their jetski, towing into the ever growing swell. The boys make it look easy, but tow surfing is the formula one of surfing, and Ross routinely clocks a speed of 40miles per hour on the face of a wave.

After their blast from the past, Ross and Tom reflect on their earlier lives, their meeting and their routines. Ross, the ultimate adrenaline junkie, manages to put the drive of most 16 year olds to shame, whilst Tom is up each morning at sunrise, paddling in the peaceful waves, reflecting.

Tom has always loved surfing tradition and decides to replicate the first surf board ever made – the Alaia, originally produced by Hawaiian tribes many years earlier. It’s a contrast of values as Ross looks to the future, as always, aiming for increased speed and an increased dose of adrenaline. He’s working on a new surf board design that incorporates a hydrofoil design. This amendment will mean that the board sits out of the water, allowing it to bypass hazardous bumps in the wave face that also act as speed humps. With enough tweaks, the hydrofoil board successfully manages to speedily traverse even the smallest of waves. Likewise, Tom must relearn his technique as the old style Hawaiian board proves to be equally as difficult to master.

When Ben contacts the guys with news of a giant, powerful east coast low, they feel up to the task. Ben warns them that the resulting swell will be unpredictable and worst of all, is heading towards Cape Solander (Ours), an incredibly dangerous break responsible for its share of broken limbs, blackouts and paralysations. Mark Matthews, a local, offers to take them out, but the Storm Surfers are brought crashing from their rose tinted travels to the past when they realise that Solander will not reward their years of experience. Indeed, Solander is a young mans wave. Short and sharp, it values the reflexes and resilience of youth. Tom considers his options and makes the drastic decision not to surf. Ross however decides to give it a go, but without his usual froth. Can the lone Storm Surfer conquer a wave commonly known as one of the most dangerous in Australia?