Storm Surfers Episode 2

As the southern swell season heats up, Ben discovers a swell heading towards a fast and dangerous break known as Shipsterns in Tasmania. This break holds historical value to the Storm Surfers team as Ross suffered one of his worst wipeouts here four years earlier, but this doesn’t mute Ross’ enthusiasm for waves that Ben predicts will easily top 20 feet. The team heads south, but Tom drops a bombshell – he won’t be surfing this break due to a recent shoulder injury. It’s all up to Ross, who sets out to reclaim his glory at the break that almost defeated him. A successful mission ensues, but Ross isn’t the only one to benefit as Ben successfully gathers important data from a fixed GPS on Ross’ body.

Back at HQ, an injury conscious Tom seeks to improve on the current standard of safety flotation vest technology by inserting a rip-cord activated C02 cannister within. Ross is naturally dubious, believing that Tom has lost his fighting spirit.

The call comes in. Ben has found the mother of all storms breaking away from Antarctica, but the team struggles to pick a location at which to surf it. Ben is reluctant to choose Tasmania again and instead posits the notion of a top-secret East Coast break – Ross and Tom dubiously agree. But they won’t be travelling alone, as a call to Brazilian female big wave surfer Maya Gabeira confirms her commitment to a flight from halfway around the world to surf with the Storm Surfers. Bens forecast had better pay off.

After Tom’s successful pool test of the the inflatable life jackets, Ross shows his son Kanan the ropes, literally, as he takes him out tow-surfing. Kanan decides that he too will join the Storm Surfers on their next mission.

The team heads out towards the break, but despite Ben’s assurances, Ross and Tom are doubtful of their travel direction. Arrival at the secret break however proves Ben right…perfect 10ft left hand barrels. The Storm Surfers and their guests tear up the secret break.