Storm Surfers Episode 1

In Hawaii, Storm Surfers Ross Clarke-Jones, Tom Carroll and meteorologist Ben Matson anxiously wait for the verdict on the 2011 Eddie Aikau event, hoping to soak up as many waves as possible before the Northern swell season ends. When the competition is called off, the team decides to head out anyway at the request of longtime friend/greatest surfer in existence Kelly Slater. It’s a killer end to the trip, but as the northern swell season comes to an end, the surf season in the southern ocean begins.

Tom and Ross set their eyes on a potential monster swell heading towards the west coast of Australia, and with limited time and data, forecaster Ben Matson is under pressure to green light the dangerous mission. While the deep low-pressure system looks promising, the lack of metering equipment in the southern ocean adds pressure to Ben’s judgment call. Furthermore, the storm is heading from Africa towards Cow Bombie, a break that once nearly claimed Tom’s life.

While priorities are now rearranged for the family man Tom, Ross is rearing to get back out into the surf, but the two will need to improve communication out in the water before risking their lives once again at Cows. In preparation, the team practices their communication by embarking on an outrigger canoe session, and an injury concerned Tom has his prior injuries and health checked, causing Ross to follow suit. When Ben gives the green light, the team tracks the storm to WA, then ride the swell at the treacherous Cows Bombie. The teams’ pre-mission preparation proves well planned, as the dangerous break once again threatens to take both Tom, and Ross’ life.